Registered Behavior Technician Online Course

Do you want to be a positive change agent in the lives of individuals with autism and their families in Zambia?

Enroll in our online Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) course, designed to empower you with essential skills for implementing highly effective intervention strategies, specifically tailored to assist individuals with autism.

You will complete 40 hours of course content and 1,500 hours of supervised fieldwork in accordance with the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) course standards in the United States and many Western countries.

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior. It is considered a medically necessary treatment for people with autism. ABA therapy can be performed at home, at the centre, at school and out in the community.
ABA therapy involves working with a trained professional called an ABA therapist who works with the child or adult to support learning skills that are part of daily living, such as brushing teeth, getting dressed and making a meal. ABA therapy focuses on helping to reduce challenging behaviors and build social skills.

Our Services

Our Modes of Services Delivery

Centre- Based Services

Centre-Based Services are one-to-one applied behavior analysis (ABA) sessions for children with autism that take place at our centre rather than in the client’s home environment.


Home- Based Services

This is when our ABA therapists provide one-on-one treatment to your child in the comfort of your home. Our experienced team will assess your child’s needs to determine the best treatment plan for them.

Virtual- Based Services

Virtual ABA therapy, or, telehealth, gives your child access to all the benefits of centre, home, or community- based therapy, but via your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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Our autism treatment programs are designed and supervised by the experts known as behavior analysts. Behavior analysts perform the following key tasks in the autism treatment process:


What Our Clients Say

"My son attends a home- based ABA therapy conducted by the MATC staff. It has been life changing for him and our family. The staff is excellent and really care about the children and families they work with"
Prudence Katumba
"The speech therapy sessions at MATC have been instrumental in improving my child's communication skills. The therapists are patient, skilled, and truly dedicated to helping children with speech and language delays"
Mary Musonda
"The ABA online courses offered by MATC have been incredibly informative and helpful for me as a parent. I've learned practical strategies to support my child's behavior and development. Highly recommended!"
Isabel Phiri